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Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC is a subsidiary of Genimous Technology, a leading publicly traded Chinese internet technology company on the Shenzhen exchange. Eightpoint owns and operates an impressive suite of desktop and mobile products; including search engines, privacy services and internet browsers. Our products transform browsing experiences for millions of internet users, making it easier for them to find and interact with the content they're most interested in.


Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC was founded in 2016 and is located in George Town, Grand Cayman. We control an enticing portfolio of software applications, internet services and several other products. Since our founding in 2016 Eightpoint has been extremely successful growing and expanding both existing and new products. We are always looking for new ways to push boundaries, and as technology advances - we are adapting and enhancing our products to reach our goals and exceed our clients' needs.


Our mission at Eightpoint Technologies is connecting consumers with the best content on the internet. We are constantly improving our products to streamline this process and put the right content at our users' fingertips as efficiently as possible. Our network reaches approximately 10 million daily active users in 50 countries. We reach users from more than 30 popular content verticals. Eightpoint Technologies delivers over 5 billion search engine queries annually.

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC

We are pioneers in the digital marketing industry. We combine high-end expertise, innovation and big data technology to go above and beyond our client’s expectations.


We offer a variety of services to our clients including


Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC engages with 10 million daily active users world-wide over 30 popular content verticals, in more than 50 countries.


Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC is dedicated to providing our clients with paramount service that exceeds expectations. Our team of extremely intelligent individuals utilize creativity and innovation in order to meet your digital marketing needs.


Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC produces rapid, hyper-optimized results through big-data, in unison with self-sustainable algorithms to create satisfied clients.


Connect with us online or come meet our experienced Eightpoint team in person at any of the following worldwide events

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC will be attending Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona, Spain.

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC will be in Barcelona, Spain attending the Mobile World Congress.

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC will be in Cologne, Germany for DMEXCO.

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC will be in Austin, Texas attending the SXSW in March.

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC will be in New York in August attending the Affiliate Summit

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC will be in London, England attending ad-tech.