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YouTube Music now works with Sonos speakers

youtube music

YouTube Music now works with Sonos speakers


Here at Eightpoint we love our Sonos speaker, we currently have one in our main office area and another on order for our break room.  Well YouTube has annouced that, starting today, YouTube Music is now available within the Sonos app and can be played on all Sonos speakers. Users with a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription will be able to stream albums, remixes, covers, playlists, and more to their Sonos speakers.

Sonos already supports a wealth of streaming services, like Spotify, Apple Music, and even Bandcamp. It’s nice that Sonos owners have another option for how they listen to music, and it’s also a step toward YouTube Music being taken more seriously as a service. What helps YouTube Music stand out from other streaming services is the vast array of live performances, covers and remixes it hosts, allowing it to offer a broader range of audio than you might find elsewhere. Granted, YouTube is the biggest music streaming platform on the internet, but much of that traffic comes from free accounts, not people paying for Premium services.

For Sonos, it’s all about enabling every music everywhere to play on its systems. YouTube Music for Sonos is now available in all countries where YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium are available.


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