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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner at Eightpoint

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner at Eightpoint

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs you know that here at Eightpoint we have FREE lunches every Monday’s and Wednesday’s, I mean what a great way to start the week knowing you don’t have to worry about packing a lunch on a Monday.  Today’s lunch is being catered by Chicken! Chicken! and it has to be up there with one of our favorite food spots, we’re going to be enjoying some tasty boneless BBQ Chicken fresh from the rotisserie with sides of Mac & Cheese, Rice & Beans, Caesar Salad and to top it all off some fresh Homemade Brownies.

This little family business has featured home-style Caribbean cooking for 19 years and became famous through a series of news articles and awards. This is a simple, down home, Cayman original, specializing in the perfect bird, offered with fresh vegetables and salads, homemade soups and Cayman style cornbread.  If it’s one reason Chicken! Chicken! is famous it’s because of their delicious, savory, overwhelmingly mouth-watering “Caribbean Wood Roasted” chicken.

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