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Why your office needs a Ping Pong Table

Why your office needs a Ping Pong Table

The idea of having a ping pong table in our office is not just for show.  You only have to look at the offices at trendy tech companies to see that modern office culture is everything.  It’s the DNA of your company and it’s what makes your business unique in a world full of competition.  It seems that modern office culture is defined by ping pong, office pets and beer fridges.  There is method to this madness so let’s break it down for you, here’s 5 reasons you should have a ping pong table in your office.

1. It sharpens strategic thinking and skills

Ping pong experts, in their hundreds, tell us that table tennis increases concentration and alertness, stimulates brain function and develops tactical thinking skills. It also improves hand-eye coordination, just like video games or table football. Following most timeout activities, employees come back to work tired and their productivity plummets. However, after just 15 minutes of table tennis, employees return to work more engaged with sharper strategic thinking.

Who doesn’t want sharp employees?

2. It’s the good kind of distraction

Sitting down all day is killing us. No matter how fast you run or where you hide, it’s impossible to avoid the health warnings telling us that staring at pixels for 8 hours a day is actually chopping a few years off our lives. If you thought you were going to get away with only square eyes, you were wrong. Here at Eightpoint we need a breakout activity where we aren’t sitting down and a quick match is the right kind of distraction.


3. Channeling that inner competitiveness…

By this we don’t mean being the competitive type to ruin the vibe but why not pick a table and channel your competitive spirit in the right department.  The tables are much more resilient and hard-wearing than your average employee and are much less likely to break.


4. It’s still a table right?

Who needs a meeting room when you’ve got a ping pong table? Grab some chairs and a coffee and have your meeting or team huddle around the table tennis table. Or even eat your lunch around it!

It is, after all, a table. So use it as such when it’s not the breakout battleground.


5. Helps unite your team

Ping pong is an inclusive activity that everyone can take part in and enjoy.  It’s been proven that instilling fun into the workplace and encouraging employees to play can work wonders for your profit margins.  Ping pong creates a distinctive sense of togetherness and allows you to see a different side to your co-workers, breaking social barriers and pulling your team together.  It creates a unique morale that is difficult to find in your average office.


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