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Eightpoint enjoys Water Sports on Seven Mile Beach

seven mile beach

Eightpoint enjoys Water Sports on Seven Mile Beach

jet skiWhen you think of the Cayman Islands you think of crystal clear water, soft sandy beaches and year round sunshine.  If you’ve been following our blogs you’ll know our sister companies, Polarity Technologies and Spigot Inc, are in town this week so it was time to show off the Island.  We headed to one of the best beaches in the world, Seven Mile Beach, and decided to partake in some adventure sports.

Everything was organized through Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman, so everyone made their way to the Westin Hotel beach and started choosing activities to do.  There were single Waverunner jet skis, double jet skis, paddle boards, single kayaks, double kayaks and of course the ocean as your playground.  As the water is crystal clear, whatever activity was chosen everyone got to see what was swimming beneath. If you’ve spent a day at the beach or swam in the sea you know the ocean air creates quite an appetite.  As the the water sports came to an end everyone made their way up to Dukes BBQ & Seafood for some drinks and dinner.  Outings like these are important as they boost morale and it’s good to get out of the office sometimes, these are some of the great perks we offer here at Eighpoint.


If you want to join an amazing team that gets to go on outings like this good news as we are hiring so make sure to send your resumes to recruiting@eightpoint.ky Keep up with our daily Eightpoint Technologies blog so you don’t miss out on everything going on! Make sure to check us out and follow us on LinkedIn,Twitter Instagram...and like us on Facebook and keep up with the Eightpoint way!