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Top 5 Cayman Island Beaches

Top 5 Cayman Island Beaches

Cayman Island is known for it’s amazing beaches, but with so many to choose from, which ones are worth while and what makes them better than the others? Which ones have more daily visitors, which ones are more calm and quiet, and which ones are home to more or less marine life? There aren’t enough words to describe these astounding beaches…imagine living on one and working right next to one?! The best thing about most of these beaches is that they are within walking distance from each other, so you can go to the next one if you don’t find what you’re looking for. Here is EightPoint Technologies Top 5 Beach List:

#5. Smith Cove, Grand Cayman: If you’re looking for quiet, calm relaxation, look no further, it’s right here. This cozy little cove is just right when it comes to minimal noise, however, it can occasional get loud when ships arrive nearby the port.

#4. Sandy Point, Little Cayman: Sandy Point is that perfect medium between the ruckus of louder beaches and the serenity of more isolated stretches of beaches. This beach is close enough to civilization where if you got hungry and wanted to grab a bite to eat, you could do so, but it’s also isolated enough to feel like a new discovery.

#3. Rum Point, Grand Cayman: This touristy little beach has so much flare, it’s no wonder there are so many visitors daily. This beach sits on the north coast of Grand Cayman and offers views of Cuba. This quaint little beach is also extremely popular for various beach and water sports. It is also home to Wreck Bar, a bar made infamous for the invention of the frozen mudslide.

#2. Cayman Kai, Grand Cayman: Cayman Kai offers several amenities and recreational opportunities but without a terribly big crowd. This gorgeous beach is lined with white sand and blessed with six miles of beautiful palm trees. It’s perfect for swimming, snorkeling, enjoying a nice cocktail by the beach, beach volleyball, sailing, and much more. The Kaibo Grill and Bar, located on the beach provides food and drink to many of those guests who totally forgot to pack a lunch!

#1: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman: And last but certainly not least, the famous Seven Mile Beach. This beach is one of the most famous and beloved beaches in the entire Caribbean. This beach is lined with 5.6 miles of luxury resorts, restaurants, and shops dotted with beach bars and water sports centers that offer kayaking, snorkeling, and parasailing rentals. Overall, this beach is constantly bustling with lots of activity and lined with visitors.