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Top 5 beaches to visit in Grand Cayman

Top 5 beaches to visit in Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands is a world-class destination for its beaches and its marine life. But of course, there is a beach in every corner. Therefore, Eightpoint Technologies has compiled a list of the top 5  beaches to visit in Cayman.


seven mile beach

1. Royal Palms Beach Club
You’ve all seen that classic sunset at the beach picture you see in magazines, well you can pretty much get that anywhere in Grand Cayman. But at Royal Palms, you have live music and a killer bar with a magnificent patio overlooking the water. Don’t feel for the sand? That’s okay, they have a pool filled with all kinds of wacky floaties!

2. Tikki beach
At Tikki Beach, you will find a combination of amazing ocean views and amazing service from the bar. There is even the option of renting some water sports equipment and going on the water for a relaxing ride.

3. Seven Mile Beach
This beach is one of the most famous beaches in cayman. Its crystal clear waters are legendary. You can grab a cabana, rent some beach chairs, enjoy a long walk up and down whilst soaking up the sun.


4. Spotts Beach
Spotts Beach is where you go when you want a serene and relaxing environment. there is no bar but the peaceful sound of the waves landing on the shore will make up for it. also, many tourists have reported seeing turtles while snorkelling.

smith cove5. Smith Cove Beach
Smith Cove is truly a representation of ‘natural beauty’. It is a cove of caymans natural mineral called limestone. It’s safe to jump off and its surrounded by plenty of shady trees. A picture-perfect scene for the family.


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