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This is Apple’s Brand New Credit Card

This is Apple’s Brand New Credit Card

Apple’s new credit card will soon be here according to CNET. Two kinds of cards will be available. The virtual one that will be found in the iPhone wallet and the physical one which will be made from Titanium.  The physical card though will have no details on it. Details such as number, security code and expiry date can be found in the wallet.

The competitive advantage of this card is that it gives daily cashback 1-3% depending on the type of purchase. No late fees, international transaction fees or annual fees will be charged,  however interest will be charged when the user doesn’t pay the balance on time.

The new card will be launched in the following weeks, according to Bloomberg, and users can signup on apple.com to get instantly notified. It’s worth mentioning though that the card will only be available in US to start off.

According to CNET, ”The Apple Card might be released as soon as the first half of August. The Cupertino, California company hasn’t said much about the credit card it’s creating with Goldman Sachs since its March reveal, but Bloomberg reported Friday that it’s weeks away.”

The report suggests the project is on schedule for the summer release date, Apple announced in March. iPhone owners will be able to sign up for the card via the Wallet app.”

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