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Plans for temporary Seven Mile Beach Bar

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Plans for temporary Seven Mile Beach Bar

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Seven Mile Beach Bar

The Dart group, a global organisation with headquarters in the Cayman Islands with a range of industries including real estate, hospitality, retail, entertainment, finance and biotech, hope to turn a cottage on the old Coral Caymanian property on Seven Mile Beach into a bar and restaurant.

The developer submitted plans for what it describes as a “temporary commercial beach facility” on the site of the old hotel next to Royal Palms. Plans include change of use for the beach cottage from a dwelling to a bar and kitchen unit as well as new prefabricated buildings for toilets, beach showers and towel rentals.

The plans indicate an expected three-year “life span” for the development. In the longer term, the property is expected to be part of Dart’s master plan for the expansion of Camana Bay, which includes  proposal for a new hotel.

The new bar and restaurant will be leased to a third-party operator and will utilize existing buildings and prefabricated structures to create a low-impact development. A new beach bar at Camana Bay would provide residents and visitors additional amenities to enjoy on Seven Mile Beach and plans to include retrofitting of the existing cottage on the beach site for the bar, and temporary structures that can be removed and re-purposed without leaving a substantial footprint on the natural environment.

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