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Pirates Week Festival In Grand Cayman!

Pirates Week Festival In Grand Cayman!

For 41 years, once a year for an entire week, the Cayman Islands plays host to an amazing event celebrating their, food culture, history, and overall way of life. It’s a fun-packed week-long event. This year the festivities will begin in Cayman Brac on Friday November 2nd, move on to Grand Cayman on Thursday November 8th and finish up Friday November 16th in Little Cayman and will be another eleven fun filled days of mock “pirate invasions” and celebration of our culture and heritage! Spectators will also enjoy a series of parades and fireworks displays, street dances, costume contests, sporting competitions, happy hours, a celebration of traditional foods, music and much more, stretching across all three islands. Before kick-off of the festivities, the island will celebrate its well-loved District Days! Over the span of 5 days, each district in Grand Cayman will celebrate the aspects that make these beautiful islands so unique.

2018 District Day Schedule:

  • East End: Friday November 2nd
  • West Bay: Monday November 5th
  • North Side: Tuesday November 6th
  • Bodden Town: Wednesday November 7th
  • George Town: Thursday November 8th

The festival will kick-off with an amazing happy hour and kick-off party Thursday and Friday Night, the festival goes off with a big-bang with an astounding firework display that you definitely will not want to miss! Make sure to not miss out on any of the events going on!  Also make sure to catch the after events like the big beach clean up, Grand Cayman is going eco-friendly this 2018! Make sure to keep up with our daily blog for other awesome fun events going on in the area and never miss out on the EightPoint lifestyle!