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Pirates Go To Battle With Plastics

Pirates week

Pirates Go To Battle With Plastics

The battle between Cayman’s pirate heroes and single-use plastics will bagasse pulp productioncontinue at this year’s upcoming Pirates Week. The festival plans to adopt biodegradable products made from sugarcane and cornstarch. The executive director of the Pirates Week committee Melanie McField, went on the record to say that the committee will once again be incorporating the ‘Pirates Against Plastic’ initiative this year. She went on to say that the committee has worked extremely hard this year to put structures in place that allow them to reduce the use of plastics during the festival. Plastic will be replaced by a by-product of processed sugarcane called bagasse pulp, which is used to make biodegradable plates, bowls and cups. The introduction of bagasse products will be matched with utensils made from cornstarch and the removal of plastic straws, which will be used in all stalls at this year’s festival. Plastic gift bags have also been pulled from the gift stalls and stores.

The efforts to rid the festival of single-use plastics also extend beyond the food stalls. During this year’s festivities, pirates have teamed up with Plastic Free Cayman and will once again descend on Cayman’s public beaches in search of not so shiny treasure.

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