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New App for Cayman Bus Passengers

New App for Cayman Bus Passengers

A new smartphone app is making it possible for some passengers to check the location of their bus. Set up by a group of public transport drivers, the K-Bus app has been launched, initially with nine buses.

The app allows users to track their bus, saving them time waiting by the roadside.
Luke Berry, of the Cayman Islands Public Transport Operators Association, said the longer-term goal was to get every bus on the island hooked up to the app. The technology is fairly simple, you download the app and it gives the location of the buses that are on it.

Berry, who has been a bus driver for 28 years and currently plies the number one and two routes along West Bay Road, said the app had proved popular with younger commuters.

“It so far has worked great and the service from bus drivers is generally good and encourages more people to use public transport to help with traffic congestion”, he said.

He believes the app can help with reliability and give passengers more flexibility. But he recognises the need for more bus stops and printed timetables.

“One of the things we also want to support is to have proper bus stops where we can load and unload. As it stands at the moment, it is a little bit random because we don’t have sufficient bus stops.”

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