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KAABOO Cayman Goes Live

KAABOO Cayman Goes Live

kaabooThe first KAABOO Cayman has finally arrived with local and international guests alike ready to dive into the multi-sensory two day escape.  The purpose built site is hard to miss when driving along the bypass past the Kimpton Seafire + Spa, as you are greeted by a huge mural on stacked containers.

KAABOO Del Mar, held in Del Mar, California, launched in 2015 was created as an adult escape from the everyday and to give people a unique, clean and safe environment in which to let loose and enjoy themselves.  From amazing music to great comedy the KAABOO team is all about making guests comfortable and happy. As festival goers have been waiting months for the arrival of performers such as Duran Duran, The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Jason Derulo and many more, organizers say they have planned for capacity crowds of 10,000 people each day.  KAABOO organizers announced that tickets were sold out as of Wednesday.

The many twists and turns that come with attending one’s first music festival can be daunting and some might get that little twinge of anxiety when heading into the unknown waters of nonstop music for two days. For those who want a little more information about what to do and how to get the most out of their experience, head to KAABOO Cayman’s site to find out more.

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