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Is Sparkling Water Actually Good for You?

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Is Sparkling Water Actually Good for You?

Here at Eightpoint Technologies, we love our La Croix. We drink them in sparkling watersingle breaths. Sparkling water does the job of regular water but with an extra kick. Here is why we know you will love it.

Sparkling water gets its bubbles from the addition of carbon dioxide, that is what produces the popping bubbles. According to researchers sparkling water does have benefits. From aiding in digestion to curving your soda cravings. Surprisingly, studies also show that Sparkling water may also help you lose weight by combining delicious bubbles with none of the calories.

La CroixThe bottom line is that Carbonated water could be really good for you. It has benefits for digestion. It may improve swallowing, increase feelings of fullness. And of course, it hydrates just as good as regular water! so next time you’re shopping pick up a can and try it for yourself. 

Now the whole office can keep indulging in La Croix with a free conscience

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