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Is Apple still in the Self-Driving Car game?


Is Apple still in the Self-Driving Car game?

It seems that Apple is still working on its self driving vehicle project, known as “Project Titan’’, according to Reuters, as the company is looking for advanced LiDAR sensors for its autonomous vehicles.

The company is trying to find LiDAR sensors with a “revolutionary design” that are “smaller, cheaper and easily mass produced”, but unfortunately nothing has been found yet. The development of it’ s own LiDAR unit is possible and underway. Some of the specifications that Apple is looking in the LiDAR sensors include long-distance detection, designed-oriented look and low mass production price.

According to Reuters, ‘It remains unclear whether the goal of Apple’s Project Titan is to build its own vehicle or supply the hardware and software elements of self-driving car while pairing with a partner for the entire vehicle.’

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