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Google Trips: All Your Travel Planning in One Page

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Google Trips: All Your Travel Planning in One Page

The new portal of Google for the web has made travel planning super easy. Although most of the features were already available through Google’s website,  google.com/travel, now combines everything in a single page.

The users can book their plane tickets, arrange their accommodation, and keep a record of their past and future trips, all on one page.

The Google Trips app for mobile devices showed up over a year ago but now is available on desktops, together with Google Hotel and Google Flights, with just one click.

Google Trips will keep evolving, adding new features that will make travel planning even easier.

According to BGR, ‘‘Building on some of the features introduced last year, Google now makes it possible to edit your trip timeline directly from the travel hub, and the ability to manually add reservations is coming in a few weeks as well. Google will also now show you the weather for all the days you are scheduled to be at a destination.’’

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