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Get Toned and Healthy with These 5 Smart Fitness Gadgets

Get Toned and Healthy with These 5 Smart Fitness Gadgets

If you have decided that it’s time to take a greater care of your body and your health but you are not a fan of the gym, these 5 smart fitness devices will allow you get in shape quickly and easy, from the comfort of your own home.

1.Digitsole Heated Insoles Warm Series V6

If you love early morning running these smart heated soles will keep your feet warm, protecting them from the cold while keeping track of your steps, distance and calories burned.

2.Bowflex Selecttech 560 Dumbells

These dumbbells are far from…dumb! They can track your sets, reps and the amount of weight you lift. The weight is adjustable and can range from 10 to 60 pounds.

3.Athos Men’s Full Body Kit

A gear that provides a full workout monitoring. The “magical” gear is made up of a compression shirt, shorts and an Iron man-like core which it’s attached to your body to collect all the information. The data includes heart rate, calories burned and even which muscle groups are being active during exercise.

4.Tangram Smart Rope

Jumping a rope is an excellent option for cardio workout. This smart rope does all the work for you (well…almost) as it counts your jumps, the total workout time and of course the calories burned.

5.The Mirror

This smart device is a full-length mirror equipped with camera and speakers. According to Digital Trends, “You can stream classes for your favorite workout, which includes cardio, strength, yoga and boxing. There’s a whole library of workouts to choose from, along with 50 new live classes that take place every week.”

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