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Facebook: AI-Powered Tools Are Now Released

Facebook: AI-Powered Tools Are Now Released

Facebook has released today a set of tools that will help the OpenStreetMap community to create easily maps of the world.

The Map with AI tools, which have been developed by Facebook the last two years, will only allow people to identify non-mapped areas in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. However, the company’s plan is to expand its mapping tools all over the world.

Using an amazing tool called RapidID, you can identify, add, and edit roads in a pinch.

According to TheNextWeb, this is how RapidID works. ” It takes satellite images from commercially available public images from Maxar, a US-based space tech company. Then, its AI model predicts the presence of roads in a given image and shows them on the map with a magenta overlay, along with existing roads with a white overlay. A volunteer can then click on any magenta road to edit or remove its properties.”

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