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EightPoint’s Top Five Favorite Jerk Chicken Joints

EightPoint’s Top Five Favorite Jerk Chicken Joints

Here on the Islands, Jerk Chicken is a Caribbean specialty, and no other place has better jerk chicken joints thank the Cayman Islands. As one would expect from any islands, fresh fish  and seafood is found almost anywhere, but this jerk chicken is also found abundantly all over the islands. Prepared with savory herbs and spices that are sure to make your taste buds come back for more. Since being on the Islands a handful of EightPoint employees have gotten the chance to explore and go try out all the best of the best jerk chicken joints surrounding the island.

#5. Red Bay Jerk ChickenA cute little hole in the wall joint that serves up some serious flavor. Their specialties are chicken and pork at a fair price.

#4. Sam’s Quality Jerk An More: Known for their hot, spicy and OMG delicious jerk chicken in Cayman. With the options of dine-in and catering, you can’t go wrong with this homey jerk chicken joint. They are friendly, fast, and serve a wide array of mouth-watering dishes!

  #3. Di Kit-Chin: Served fresh and seasoned perfectly always. Local, quick, and friendly service. It’s number three on our list because of it’s amazing food and atmosphere!

#2. Peppers Bar and Grill: It’s a fun and lively restaurant with jerk chicken that really packs a flavorful punch. It has an outdoor patio for friends and family to gather and enjoy the amazing views.

#1. Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken is number 1 on our EightPoint jerk chicken joint list because of its friendly atmosphere and the amazing taste of their jerk chicken just tops our list and it’s a must visit when in the Cayman Islands! It’s perfect for business meetings, team-bonding outings, or just hanging out with friends and family! That’s why it’s the perfect jerk chicken joint.