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Eightpoint visits a HQ Palace

china club beijing palace

Eightpoint visits a HQ Palace

We recently sent some of our Eightpoint team from our office in the Cayman Islands to Genimous Technology’s headquarters office in Beijing.  The HQ is like no other as it is set in 400 year old Palace that was built for the 24th son of the Emperor Kangxi, who  is considered by historians to be one of the greatest emperors in the history of China.


The HQ palace consists of 5 courtyards surrounded by buildings which have now been converted into offices, conference rooms and banquet halls. It is currently home to over 300 of our ~900 employees. It has a fully operating restaurant and hotel onsite with 8 rooms which are all crammed with Ming and Qing dynasty furniture to keep with the traditional theme. Genimous took over the palace from the former China Club Beijing.



If you want to join an amazing team that gets to travel and hang out in Qing dynasty palaces, we are hiring! Send your resume and cover letter to recruiting@eightpoint.ky.  Make sure to keep up with our daily Eightpoint Technologies blog so you don’t miss out on everything going on! Make sure to check us out and follow us on LinkedIn,Twitter Instagram...and like us on Facebook and keep up with the EightPoint way!