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Eightpoint Picks: Hacks from Locals

grand cayman drone shot

Eightpoint Picks: Hacks from Locals

So, we’ve all felt the pressure of travelling to a new country and not knowing what the best places are to hit up. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of hacks from locals that know the island inside out, to give you that real island experience.

blow holes sign 1.     Obviously, The Cayman Islands has some of the best marine life and reefs in the world. What many don’t know, is that there are even underwater statues on some of Cayman’s reefs! Just book a dive excursion with one of the Islands’ many dive operators like Divetech and they’ll make sure you see it all.

2.     Who wants the drive? The perfect Tuesday evening on Grand Cayman is riding the $25 Water Taxi from Camana Bay across the North Sound over to the Kaibo for their barefoot BBQ!

3.     One way to explore the cayman islands is by renting an open-top jeep and exploring the Eastern side of the Island. Pedro’s St. James, the Blow Holes, Lighthouse Park, Wreck of the Ten Sails, and enjoying the views Crystal Caves along Queen’s highway. Another must-see id the newly opened Crystal Caves.

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