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Eightpoint Picks: Diving Sites

Eightpoint Picks: Diving Sites

The Grand Cayman Islands is one of the highest regarded vacation destinations in the world. Its warm tropical breezes and white sandy beaches attract honeymooners, couples, families and of course scuba divers. Eightpoint Technologies has compiled a list of the best diving places around Grand Cayman

Best dive sites in Cayman1. Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman

Hands down the best diving area in the Caymans – and according to the late Jacques Cousteau, the world – Little Cayman’s protected Bloody Bay Marine Park (named for a naval battle) boasts a spectacular combination of bountiful marine life and unparalleled visibility.

2. USS Kittiwake, Grand Cayman

This former navy ship was stripped of hazardous materials and sunk off the northern end of Seven Mile Beach in 2011. With marine growth on the Kittiwake still minimal, the fun is in exploring the 76.5m vessel – all five levels of her!

3. Babylon, Grand Cayman

While there is plenty for novice divers to see on the sandy flats on top of the wall, those who descend deeper will be privy to some truly breathtaking scenery. Among the melange of black coral, giant purple sea fans and barrel sponges, you’re bound to spot parrot fish, barracuda, eagle rays, green and hawksbill turtles and even the odd hammerhead

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