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Eightpoint Internship!

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Eightpoint Internship!

Eightpoint Technologies have joined the hundreds of companies now participating in the Cayman Enterprise City ‘Summer in the City’ program. This program opens the door to young Caymanians wanting a firsthand experience in one of the city’s three special economic zones. Besides, all interns who apply are invited to attend special networking events to connect with various companies within CEC. Some interns have even gone to attaining jobs within these companies.

This year’s first recipient of the Eightpoint Technologies internship is Safia Raudales. She is a local with an interest in digital marketing and with some experience in radio and social media marketing.

At Eightpoint Technologies we want to open the door to the future generation of creative minds. We would love to have a role in mentoring anyone pursuing a career in tech.

The Eightpoint dream is to see your dream come true. If you want to work in an environment full of buzzing new minds with a company that provides these amazing benefits to students and job seekers, don’t hesitate to send your resumes to recruiting@eightpoint.ky

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