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Eightpoint get some Face Masks

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Eightpoint get some Face Masks

In light of current events, it seems the new norm will be that of wearing face masks.  Here in the Cayman Islands, it has recently been addressed that all supermarkets will require customers to wear face masks before entering.  In response to shortages in the Cayman Islands of personal protective equipment in the fight against COVID-19, Caribbean Filtration has introduced a new product – facial masks featuring nanotechnology filtration. Their unique design includes two parts. Part one is the exterior of the mask that is made from a double-layer of 100% cotton, which captures about 90% of large air droplets exhaled out. The second part is a filter insert, which is made using a nanotechnology media that helps capture approximately 52% of particles as small as 0.125 micrometres, roughly the size of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Together it ensures that the majority of the air droplets remain within the mask. The cotton mask is washable making it a sustainable choice for personal protective equipment.


Here at Eightpoint we want to ensure the health and safety of all our employees whether at the office or even while working at home during these times.  So we put together a bulk order of face masks and filters for each employee and had them delivered right to their door.  This way we are now all prepared to get our grocery shopping and errands done safely!

Remember here at Eightpoint we are still hiring! We have an amazing culture with a really laid-back fun work environment. We offer amazing benefits (100$ Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance paid, Pension plans, Unlimited Vacation Days & FREE LUNCH & Snacks). If you want to work for a company where the employees are happy and value their employees’ health/well-being you’ve come to the right place! Well, we’d love to speak with you!  Send your resume and cover letter to recruiting@eightpoint.ky  for our review! Check out all our adventures on the EightPoint blog. Be sure to follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Instagram … like us on Facebook and never miss out on the Eightpoint fun!