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Eightpoint Experiences a Chinese New Year Party

Eightpoint Experiences a Chinese New Year Party

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. SEZC is a subsidiary of Genimous Technology, a leading publicly traded Chinese internet technology company on the Shenzhen exchange (stock code 000676).  Eightpoint was recently invited to attend the Genimous New Year Party in Beijing, China.  The invitation was gladly accepted, we gathered up some of our employees from the Cayman Islands and sent them across the globe to take part in a one of kind experience.


It all began on Saturday afternoon where a driver was organised to pick up everyone up from their hotel, The Westin Beijing Financial District, and drive them to the venue.  Upon arrival there was a full crew awaiting everyone to help deliver a one of a kind photo shoot. They were helped into full traditional Beijing Opera costumes and accessories, including a Chinese make up artist ensuring everyone looked the part.  The final result was an experience no one would forget as the professional photographer snapped hundreds of pictures using different kind of backdrops.  The results speak for themselves.


As the photo shoot ended everyone was escorted to the main event room.  The event started with Chinese traditional music, dances, performances and games.

Following dinner and performances was an award presentation where Eightpoint team members were awarded the Excellence Contribution Award for outstanding achievement amongst the Genimous group.


As the night came to an end it was the perfect time to toast one another by drinking a traditional Chinese drink known as Baijiu, a grain based spirit and is used in Chinese culture to celebrate life. Cheers to 2019 or as our friends in china say “Gānbēi


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