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Eightpoint enjoys Monday Happy Hour

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Eightpoint enjoys Monday Happy Hour

Being able to enjoy the company of the people you work with definitely makes it easier to come to work everyday and here at Eightpoint we’ve nailed that perk.  We take team bonding and communication very seriously so it’s important for us to not only understand each other professionally in the office, but also outside the office. We think it’s important to end the week on a high note BUT we also love starting the week on the right foot and what a better way than a Monday Happy Hour.

Members of Polarity Technologies and Spigot Inc, our sister companies, were in town this week so this was an even better way to get everyone together and to chill in the Cayman afternoon sun.  Happy Hour was located in Rackhams Waterfront Bar & Grill, we reserved a spot for everyone and got food platters to nibble on.  It was definitely great to get out the office and enjoy some needed social time with everyone.   As Rackhams is located directly in front of the office most came back to the office to play some darts and ping pong to really end the evening on a high note.

We believe in hiring for the culture of the company in mind, and it really shows in our many team outings. If you want to join an amazing team that gets to go on outings like this good news as we are hiring so make sure to send your resumes to recruiting@eightpoint.ky Keep up with our daily Eightpoint Technologies blog so you don’t miss out on everything going on! Make sure to check us out and follow us on LinkedIn,Twitter Instagram...and like us on Facebook and keep up with the Eightpoint way!