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Desktop Chrome Lets You Send Numbers Directly To Your Mobile Phone

Desktop Chrome Lets You Send Numbers Directly To Your Mobile Phone

One of the good features when browsing on your mobile is being able to dial phone numbers just by clicking their hyperlinks. Usually, when desktop browsing, you have to type these numbers into your handset manual. But the exciting news is that Chrome is testing a feature that lets you share them with your mobile device! The feature is currently available in Chrome Beta 78. It works when users click on a hyperlinked phone number, a prompt opens where you select which linked device you want to make the call from. The Feature also works with non-hyperlinked numbers. To use it with non-hyperlinked number simply right-click and select the option “Call from your devices.” You can then pick from a list of linked handsets. The number will be sent to that phone and users will receive a notification. Clicking it will paste the number automatically into the dialer app.

The feature is currently supported on Android 9 and 10 devices, though it could work on older phones.

Eightpoint Technologies is super excited for this feature since that means no longer having to go from screen to screen to copy number by number.

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