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Ching-Ching’s visit Grand Cayman for early winter

Ching chings at the Waterfront

Ching-Ching’s visit Grand Cayman for early winter

‘Ching Chings’ have taken over cayman! Thousands of local ‘ching-chings’ (also known as greater Antillean grackles) can be seen perched on overhead lines in scattered around George Town.

Geddes Hislop, curator of terrestrial exhibits and education programmes at the Cayman Turtle Centre, confirmed the birds were ching-chings, based on the “harsh, raspy calls plus the distinct vertical paddle-shaped configuration of the tails on the males”.

He said via email, “We can start looking out for swooping flocks of barn and cliff swallows coming through. Late September/early October is usually the start of (early) winter migration season, and the swallows are the first to pass through in numbers.

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