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Cayman Enjoys Cool Weather

cloudy cayman

Cayman Enjoys Cool Weather

wind surfing ffThe National Weather Service has declared The Cayman Islands will be having cloudy skies for the rest of the week and we love it! Cayman’s weather is usually warm and sunny, however, a recent north-wester has given way for some lovely clouds and cool wind for a break. For some of our gang, it reminds them of home, for others its a great opportunity to go wind sailing down at the barkers beach in West Bay or to get a duly needed car wash. And, while it’s not as cold and windy as some of the places the Eightpoint Gang is used to its still a perfect excuse to layer up in our best ‘winter’ attire. No matter what our favourite thing about cloudy days is, we know that even on cloudy days Cayman is lovely!

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