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Browse Quicker with Google’s New Feature

Browse Quicker with Google’s New Feature

Google is introducing a new feature for mobile users who love . . . speed.  When looking through google images on your phone and see something that attracts your attention, all you have to do is an easy swipe up and boom! You have jumped to the web site.

Here is how ”Swipe and Visit” works:

  • Open the browser
  • Type ”travel”, or anything else you like
  • Tap Images
  • Tap on a photo
  • Swipe up

According to CNET, ”The feature provides a faster way to preview web pages from Google Images, using AMP (accelerated mobile pages), which is designed to speed up page loading on mobile devices.

Swipe to Visit will work across mobile web browsers, but it won’t work on the Pixel search bar or Google app at this time, according to Google. Also, keep in mind that some websites may not support AMP yet”.

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