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Be Internet Awesome Now Teaches Children How to Spot Fake News

Be Internet Awesome Now Teaches Children How to Spot Fake News

If you enjoy reading tech news you probably already now that in 2017 Google launched ”Be internet Awesome”, an internet literacy program that teaches children how to keep themselves safe and secure online.

Two years later, Google is expanding the program, adding a new set of lessons which are focused on media literacy.

Educators have now all the tools and resources they need so they can teach kids 7-11 years old how to develop critical thinking skills so they can understand how phishing works, identify fake news and evaluate the credibility of each source when navigating the internet.

According to Fast Company, ”Be Internet Awesome is already taught in all 50 states, and it’s available in nine different languages. In fact, the project’s new media literacy lessons came out of requests from educators, who wanted ways to teach kids about misinformation in particular. Jessica Covarrubias, the program lead for Be Internet Awesome, says that the curriculum is designed to help kids navigate a range of situations on the internet, through discussion questions included for teachers and hands-on activities to get students thinking about how they would act in real-world situations.”

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