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7,000 5G Stations are to Be Built in Shenzhen this Year


7,000 5G Stations are to Be Built in Shenzhen this Year

About 7,000 5G base stations are expected to be built in 2019, in the city of Shenzhen, China’s ‘technological powerhouse’.

The city also plans to launch 5G for commercial use by 2020, according to the city’s bureau of industry and information technology. Enterprises based in the tech hub are expected to launch 5G terminal chips in the first half of this year. Smartphones and tablets featuring 5G will be launched gradually from the middle of this year

According to CNC News, ‘‘The city is actively promoting the deep integration of 5G with other technologies and products to build a sound and competitive cluster of 5G industry.’’

A pilot project for 5G commercial use will be launched within the year, according to Shenzhen.

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