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4th Annual Gamers Bay Hits Cayman

cosplay at gamers bay

4th Annual Gamers Bay Hits Cayman

Gamers Bay has taken the Cayman Islands by storm. Many would not guess that this event is fairly new to the island due to its massive popularity among locals. The two-day event will be focused around cosplay competitions, esports competitions & virtual reality experiences. This year they will be featuring YouTubers such as ‘TmarTn2’ a male call of duty player with over six million subscribers and Fangs’, a female FIFA player with over two million.

The event attracts gamers of all ages and brings out the competitive spirit in participants and encourages an emerging community. Gamers Bay was also the first-ever E-Sports competition featuring gameplay in Call of Duty, FIFA and Smash Bros and offers millions of dollars in prize money.

gamers bay

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