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4 Hi-Tech Mind-Blowing Hotels You Should Consider Visiting

4 Hi-Tech Mind-Blowing Hotels You Should Consider Visiting

If you are making plans for your summer holidays, these 4 Hi-Tech hotels will make you feel as if you are travelling to the future.

  1. Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel, China

If you don’t enjoy human interaction this hotel may be the right one for you, since the staff only consists of robots. The futuristic décor makes you feel that you are in space. The capsule-like rooms are equipped with just necessities and the meals are served by real robots!

  1. The Weird Hotel, Japan

According to The Travel, “When you walk up to the reception desk, you’ll be greeted by a robotic dinosaur agent donning a tiny bellboy hat. The dinosaur will instruct you on how to use the touchpad to check-in. An automated trolley then finds its way to you and assists in taking your luggage up to your room.”

  1. Eccleston Square Hotel, London

This elegant and sophisticated boutique hotel offers all you need during your stay. You can find an iPad in your room and a smartphone with unlimited use of data. 3D Television and massage bed are only some of the unique hi-tech amenities that you will love.

  1. City Hub, Amsterdam

A hi-tech, super-modern hostel! Rooms feature audio streaming service and mood lighting that can be controlled via an app. A city host app helps you with suggestions and all the information you need for your trip.

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